A bit of documentation

Some time ago I received from one of PK_Tether user a document where he wrote few sentences about using PK_Tether. You can download it: Using PK Tether.docx

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  1. apaulo says:


    A simple question, when you turn debug on with the Pentax K-r does it turn off the Dark Frame Substraction too?
    I know with the Pentax K-x in debug mode it does.
    Regards Apaulo 🙂

  2. photos-by-Chas says:

    Downloaded PK_Tether 0.6.5 beta and it worked well with the original firmware in my Pentax K-x. I updated the firmware in the camera and now when I attempt to use tethered shooting the first image transfers fine but subsequent photos transfer with color distortion. The photos appear as if the pixels get incorrectly re-positioned and the colors are very jumbled. Any ideas for a fix?

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