Known bugs

Will be updated soon

k-x – in manual mode not possible to change ISO – it looks like bug in firmware – the same command for other modes in k-x and other cameras in manual mode works

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  1. jorabr says:

    k-5 – all pictures have green and violette rows. When I save the pictures they are all right, but the previews in the program all show the colored rows.

  2. adwb says:

    yes I get the same on my k5 on the K-r it works perfectly did you find a fix ?

    • Tomasz says:

      No, I’m not found fis so far. I don’t have K5 so I was working remotely but without success. I think, without direct access to K5 I won’t be able to fix it.

  3. Eric says:

    Thank you for this wonderful software. I am using K-x with firmware 1.02 but most of the functions are not working, such as ISO, white balance, and so on. Also the image size is not usable. When I changed to 2M, the color of the photo became very strange. Will there be a new version in the future? It is a perfect software for time lapse video!

    • Tomasz says:

      It is strange because I use k-x with FW 1.02 and all is tested on it.
      Could you describe it more precisely:
      – when you changing parameters in camera it is not displayed in PK_Tether?
      – when you changing parameters in PK_Tether it is not changed in camera?
      – which operating system you use?

      New version is coming, but I need some time yet.

      • Eric says:

        Sorry I just noticed my original firmware was 1.01. When I changes parameters in camera, it does display in PK_Tether. After I updated to 1.02, most of the functions can work. However, the resolution problem still exists. When I changes from 12M to 10M, 6M, or 2M, the pictures are still 12M but the color changes (the file size also changes. It is very obvious in 2M, looks like the color is transformed to 8-bit. My operating system is windows 7 32-bit. Thanks a lot.

  4. Svein says:

    I tried PK Tether with my K-5 and my MacBook Pro running Windows 7 under Parallel desktop 7. Everything seems to work fine until I take a photo. Then Windows runs out in blue screen and abort.

  5. ljcbraga says:

    Is there any chance you can develop a Mac version of PK Tether? It should be great!

  6. ofer4 says:

    Hi, Tomasz –

    Many thanks for the effort you’ve put into this software. It’s a lot of fun to use!

    I’ll add a feature request…
    In “bulb” mode, it would be nice if we did not have to hold down the shutter button. (I’m using a K-r.) Better options might include:
    (1) Treat the pk_tether action like the remote, which can be set to first-click-open, then second-click-close.
    (2) Modify the code for the “shutter” button when in bulb mode so that press/release counts as “open shutter”, and a subsequent press/release is “close shutter”.
    (3) Instead of a single “shutter” button, have two buttons for open/close. (Bulb mode only)

    Also, when I took some shots last night above ISO 3200, I got weird green bands all over the photo. Below this ISO was fine.


    • mgth says:

      I can confirm the ISO problem on k5, above 3200 picture is broken (green bands)
      I confirm flashing green screen too.

      In any other aspect soft works great on seven x64 + k5 firmware 1.11
      thanks for that, and do not hesitate if you need testing.

      ps : an open-source version would be a great news for Pentax community ūüėČ

  7. Roy says:

    Hello Tomasz,

    I was hoping to be able to use PK Tether with my Pentax K100D Super but it won’t download images from the camera. Have I overlooked something or is there a compatibility issue? I’m running Win 7 64 bit, but tested PK Tether in Win XP mode.

  8. delmohd says:

    hello, this is the message I got from my win7, sorry for the french,but I hope it will help:

    Consultez la fin de ce message pour plus de d√©tails sur l’appel du d√©bogage
    juste-√†-temps (JIT) √† la place de cette bo√ģte de dialogue.

    ************** Texte de l’exception **************
    System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: Aucune application n’est associée au fichier spécifié pour cette opération
    à System.Diagnostics.Process.StartWithShellExecuteEx(ProcessStartInfo startInfo)
    à System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(ProcessStartInfo startInfo)
    à PK_Tether.About.LinkLabelLinkClicked(Object sender, LinkLabelLinkClickedEventArgs e)
    à System.Windows.Forms.LinkLabel.OnMouseUp(MouseEventArgs e)
    à System.Windows.Forms.Control.WmMouseUp(Message& m, MouseButtons button, Int32 clicks)
    à System.Windows.Forms.Control.WndProc(Message& m)
    à System.Windows.Forms.Label.WndProc(Message& m)
    à System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.WndProc(Message& m)
    à System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.Callback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam)

    ************** Assemblys chargés **************
    Version de l’assembly¬†:
    Version Win32 : 2.0.50727.5446 (Win7SP1GDR.050727-5400)
    CodeBase : file:///C:/Windows/Microsoft.NET/Framework64/v2.0.50727/mscorlib.dll
    Version de l’assembly¬†: 1.0.4075.38526
    Version Win32 : 1.0.4075.38526
    CodeBase : file:///C:/Users/DELMOHD%20SCPRL/Downloads/pentax%20remote/PK_Tether.exe
    Version de l’assembly¬†:
    Version Win32 : 2.0.50727.5420 (Win7SP1.050727-5400)
    CodeBase : file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Drawing/
    Version de l’assembly¬†:
    Version Win32 : 2.0.50727.5447 (Win7SP1GDR.050727-5400)
    CodeBase : file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System/
    Version de l’assembly¬†:
    Version Win32 : 2.0.50727.5446 (Win7SP1GDR.050727-5400)
    CodeBase : file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Windows.Forms/
    Version de l’assembly¬†:
    Version Win32 : 2.0.50727.5420 (Win7SP1.050727-5400)
    CodeBase : file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Windows.Forms.resources/
    Version de l’assembly¬†:
    Version Win32 : 2.0.50727.5446 (Win7SP1GDR.050727-5400)
    CodeBase : file:///C:/Windows/Microsoft.NET/Framework64/v2.0.50727/mscorlib.dll

    ************** Débogage JIT **************
    Pour activer le débogage juste-à-temps (JIT), le fichier de configuration pour cette
    application ou cet ordinateur (machine.config) doit avoir la valeur
    jitDebugging définie dans la section
    L’application doit √©galement √™tre compil√©e avec le d√©bogage

    Par exemple :

    Lorsque le débogage juste-à-temps est activé, les exceptions non gérées
    seront envoy√©es au d√©bogueur JIT inscrit sur l’ordinateur
    plut√īt que d’√™tre g√©r√©es par cette bo√ģte de dialogue.

  9. u. engel says:

    i’m not qquite sure, this is the place for new bug reports, but didn’t find any better. So here comes:
    kx firmware 1.02; first 2 pictures ok, then the camera starts making strange (soft) noise & nothing more happens. Switching to ‘autosave’ (at the very start of the program!) lets me make as many pictures as i want — but always only the first is ok, from the second on i get colored rectangles, partly transparent, size increasing with almost every new shot. RAW or JPG any size no difference.
    Tested under xp pro sp3 (32) & win7 hp (64).
    Any ideas?
    Nonetheless thankful that somebody does Pentax’ job. u.e.

  10. ammonita says:

    Hallo Tomasz,

    thank you very much for your great work. I downloaded the program and tryed it with my K20D. And it works prompt and perfectly. After trying 4 hours to manage the PRA-Program on my Sony-vaio with Windows 7 Home Premium without any success, I am now very glad to have that program I wished: To shoot pictures and quickly save them on the PC. I found the link in the DSLR Forum after loosing much time with google search. I would like to append the wish list of the other users: is it possible to give the pictures special file-names before saving? I use the program to make fotos and an archive of my fossils and it would be nice if I could avoid to rename the pictures.
    With best wishes

  11. joergens.mi says:

    Hi, thank you for the new version, I mentioned it in the DSLR and the DFN forum

    The new User Interface looks very useful.
    K5 an High ISO seems sometimes to generate green stripes across the picture, i will test it tomorrow.
    If there are more then 8 pictures in the buffer the shutter button does not work anymore – in the old version there was a buffer full message, which I would prefer.

    If there are any test to do, don’t hesitate to ask for.

    happy new year, joergens.mi

  12. joergens.mi says:

    there is a lot of positive feedback in the DSLR forum but there is 1 possible

    Av Mode changing to Auto Iso works but not back to manual 2 times K-5 one K200.
    I’m not shure but in the old version only the user Mode was supported, do you support Av, Tv, Sv TAv now?

    There is one amendment from K-X (1.02) in manual he can’t change ISO


    • Tomasz says:

      I can confirm that bug with changing ISO from Auto to Manual – it will be fix shortly.
      In previous versions also all modes ware available (in k-x i.e. User mode doesn’t exist), but only when you set in camera User mode you can change mode from program.
      Regarding ISO in Manual mode for k-x look first info on this site ūüėČ

  13. smilenow says:

    Do you think it is possible to access a multi page development menu also such as is available for the K-7 (
    I assume on the newer K-5 there should not be less in that direction.

    Currently the debug mode “only” open up one extra test menu (which are also available on the K-7, but there is more).

  14. joergens.mi says:

    In both forums DSLR und DFN, people asking the same as smilenow. But they are happy about the AF-correction mode,

    It seems that this description is working, except entering the debug mode – but we have a better solution for that :).

  15. joergens.mi says:

    Just another information.
    I did 835 photos with the new PK_Theter in one session with my K20D. It worked without any problems on my WIN7 64Bit Home Professional.
    The result is here:

    Do you think there is a possibilty to use PK_Tether, but storing the pictures to the sd-card, to speed up the process. You are working in a very save way, allowing the next photo only to be taken if anything of the last photo is transferred. The USB line
    is so slow, it could be faster by storing to the card – but continue transfering the preview.

    • Tomasz says:

      I already try to find out possibility for direct save to SD Card, but based on my knowledge it doesn’t exist such command in firmware. In firmware are commands for dump some logs or some info hardware direct to SD Card, but not image.
      My additional info – which you probably know: if you don’t use autosave then only preview is downloaded, and then you can decide if download and save full photo or delete

  16. jaq1967 says:

    Hi, I was excited to see this software. I have a K-X 1.02. PC running Win 7 64bit. The interface connects and I am getting some life. However there are the following problems:

    I have set the program with the following – simulating astrophotography (multiple and long exposures)

    ISO Manual – OK.
    ISO 1600 – Keeps going back to 400, this does recitfy if you manually correct the ISO speed manually, but guess that is what the program is supposed to do?
    Daylight – OK.
    Timer 2s – OK.
    Raw – OK.
    Enable Periodic Shooting – ticked
    Shoot every 30 seconds
    Limit number of shoots – ticked
    Stop after 5 shoots
    Bulb mode Timeout 60 seconds
    Shutter button mode – timer selected
    Software bracketing – unchecked
    Camera debug mode On.

    I would expect the camera to take a total of 5 shots of 60 seconds (bulb) each with a 30 second pause in between no? What I get is one shot (taken at 4/100s?) taken every 30s at this same speed. 5 shots total.

    On trying this again the shot count increase every 30seconds however the camera triggered only once, again at 4/100s.

    You cannot select the speed (bulb or otherwise) as it reverts to this 4/100s.
    You cannot select the F-number (if using a manual K-fit lens or telescope like I am using). The limit number of shots seems to be out of synch with the triggering.
    I have tried the other combination of:

    Shoot every 90 seconds
    Stop after 5 shots
    Bulb mode Timeout 60 seconds

    It will take a shot every 90 seconds at 4/100s and I’ll get 5 shots. It seems more stable with the shot count and trigger. Maybe the shoot every (xx) seconds isn’t linked with the bulb mode? I don’t know as I am trying it again now and it didn’t trigger after 90 seconds but the shot count increased. Hmmm….

    Its looking promising but needs some tweaking. looking good though!


  17. xleon says:

    Great piece of software, though I’ve come across a problem….

    K-x with 1.01 firmware on Windows 7-64bit.
    Application works fine but on “Extended Shooting” it takes 2 pictures, then stops and the camera appears to have locked up. Turn the K-x off and on again and it comes back to life.

    Have you experienced this or know a way around this?

  18. smilenow says:

    Maybe you can add options to change the JPG settings. pktriggercord offers that option, so it is doable.

  19. wisecrafter says:

    Hi Tomasz,
    Thanks for the program! I used it on my K-x, and all seemed to work well. The debug mode worked after I clicked Debug ON, and then INFO button, then the MENU button.

  20. kadajawi says:

    Unfortunately it doesn’t work for me. I’m using a *istDS. The program runs until I turn on the camera. Then it crashes. Or it freezes, depending on the version. Mind you, Pentax Remote Assistant 3 crashes too, but then again it seems that wasn’t designed for my camera, and the version 1 seems impossible to find. Any idea what is wrong? I’ve read others say it should work…

    Tried it with Windows 7 64 and 32, both in XP compatibility mode and not, administrator and not, also I have tried it on Windows XP. Still the same problem. Weird… I have also set the camera to PC, PC-F and PictBridge. No difference. I can however access files on the SD card inside the camera. Oh, and I have also both tried ejecting the drive (in all of these modes) as well as deactivating the driver on 7 64 and then plugging in. Only thing that happened was that nothing happened. Not even a crash.

    Any idea what might be wrong? Almost sounds like my camera… isn’t it supported? Did I use the wrong cable, i.e. it has to be exactly the one supplied by Pentax or is a regular USB cable (as long as it can be plugged in) ok too?

    • Tomasz says:

      istDS isn’t supported with PK_Tether – it is to old and communication with PC is to different in comparison to newer models, even K100 isn’t support with the same reason.

  21. popt says:

    hello, thanks for the program !
    I’m with 0.6.5 version and pentax Kr, it’s works but after 5 picture the program can not shot more ? Is there anything i do wrong ?
    And i also want to tcheck the white balance but i don’t know how ?
    Thanks for reply

    • badavis5 says:

      i noticed that too when it was working for me, but when i saved the files i was able to take more. seems like a qeue thing, once its full you cant add more. hope that helps

  22. trevisthomas says:

    I assume that ever one knows that the application as it stands crashes the K-5 camera pretty severely. (i have to remove the battery to get the camera to restart). Assuming that that bug can be fixed this will be a pretty great tool.

    I have a question though as well and i wasn’t sure where else to put it. For my purposes, i would like to use this in the studio so that makeup artists and stylists can see the images as we’re shooting them so that we can quickly review them. But that’s all i want to do. My editing workstation is in a different location. I would like to have the application leave the raw files on the card. I was quite troubled to see that this wasn’t the default behavior. Is there a way to do this? Is it in the works for a future version?

    Oh and Thanks for your effort in creating this tethering solution.

    • Tomasz says:

      Photos during tethering are write to RAM buffer and then has to be save. So far I didn’t find commands to store photo on internal SD Card.
      I’m waiting for official software from Pentax for 645D to check how it will be done in it.

  23. badavis5 says:

    I last used this software a couple weeks back with my K-r and it worked great, since then i updated the firmware on it to 1.11 and now it doesnt seem to recognize the camera. the usb cable is good because i see the mass storage device and can browse the pics on the card inside the camera but the software doesnt pick it up. I was wondering if anyone else is having this issue. i tried with 0.6.4 and .65

    • badavis5 says:

      nevermind.. i didnt notice that upgrading the firmware changed the usb connection type. selecting MSC makes the software work again

  24. lauref says:

    Hi Tomasz
    Version 4.5 is working on my PC (windows XP) with my DSLR K10. But PK_Tether versions 6.0 to 6.5 get me an error message ” Pentax_Remote met a problem and must be closed. We ask you to apologize for incurred inconvenience.” (translation from French …).

    Thanks for your help and congratulations for your soft.

    • ger_chris says:

      Same here at my old Laptop. It’s an IBM ThinkPad T41 with Windows XP SP 3, .Net Framework 3.5 installed.

      Version 4.5 works fine, all later versions are crashing with starting the programm. They work fine on my Win7 desktop computer.

      Despite that, really a great piece of software!

  25. ctr650 says:

    Great software. I’ve used the 6.5 with my K5 and everything seems to works fine. The only thing I’ve noticed is that when you have the camera conected to the computer, if you touch the camera body with your lips ( more sensible ) you can feel some kind of electric current. Is that normal? I’m using the original usb wire with several computers ( laptop and desktop adn windows xp and 7).

    Thank you very much!!

  26. joergens.mi says:

    Hi Tomasz,
    do you wether the Software will run with the Pentax K-30. I ask because they use a new Prozessor called PRIME M.


    p. s. your software still works fine with my K20 und K-5 on windows 7 /64

    • Tomasz says:

      I had bad information about my program and K-30.
      As for other models I added some specific information needed for USB communication and I gave them to test by one K-30 owner.
      He inform me that K-30 wasn’t discover by PK_Tether and in debug logs I can see that camera respond with error for commands send to it.
      The same behaviour I got for PentaxQ.
      It looks like Pentax significantly change protocol or remove it at all.
      I will try investigate this problem deeper, but investigating PentxQ didn’t bring any solution.

      • joergens.mi says:

        Hi Tomasz,
        that is bad news. Because I think the reason is the new Processor used with its new Firmware and I assume it will be the same for all new cameras designed by pentax/Ricoh.

  27. BrBarrySDB says:

    Hi Tomaz

    Can you add the new models to the Tether list: K5II and K5IIs

  28. sergeantosborne says:

    This works great, just playing around I discovered that the display on my camera likes to blank out. There needs to be an auto-save mode so that pictures get saved directly to a folder or backup folder when pressing the shutter release on the camera itself.

    Ok I know everyone would like a mac version but indulge me for one second:
    Android version please!
    – Having this functionality from a 7inch tablet or smartphone would be phenomenal!
    – Most android devices support USB or USB OTG, (no proprietary port protocols)
    – a smaller device = better portability
    (right now I use my android to remote to my pc (rdp protocol) for wireless remote! ūüôā on the network – i.e. in studio only.

  29. lookkx says:

    Hi Tomasz,

    thank you for that software.

    Camera: K-x with firmware e103w
    Lens: Pentax FA 1:1.4 50mm
    Lens: Pentax DA 1:2.8 18-50mm
    Lens: Pentax F 1:3.5-4,5 17-28mm
    Lens: Pentax M 1:4.5 80-200mm

    WinXP Sp3, PK_Tether 0.7.0

    I tested the Bulb-mode.
    ISO can only changed at the camera before connected (usb) to pc.
    Shutter button mode: Timer: Working fine up to 30 sec, greater 30 sec the camera freeze.
    Shutter button mode: Start/Stop: Working fine up to 30 sec, greater 30 sec the camera freeze.

    Is that a bug or my fault?
    Regards Mike

  30. RichardE says:

    Mac version was mentioned. iPAD 3 uses IOS6. Will the software be available for the iPAD?

    Thanks for a great program interface for my Pentax. But neither User or Manual mode is recognized by the program. The computer (win7) does see the camera SD card data. What do I need to do to get the program to see the K-5 IIs?

    USB connection from MSC to PTP. Just changes the computer to see the SD card as a drive. Still no connection to PK_Tether

    Thanks, Richard

  31. marc says:

    Hi tomasz!
    Thanks for the development of this great program!
    For me it works fine just for 4 pictures. After the 5th shot, the camera freezes and I have to reboot the camera by taking out the battery.
    Doublechecked with another PC (unfortunately same windows version)
    My setup: K7 with fw 1.12, PK Tether 0.7.0, Win7 64bit
    Any idea how to fix this?


  32. SideRaptor says:

    I only found out about this software today (Thanks to /r/Pentax) but I’m having some trouble tethering it to my K-5II. It will recognize it, shoot, but then give me an error and I won’t get a picture out of all of it. And then it’ll freeze. Any help? I can post the error, if it’ll help.

    • dkrasnok says:

      Update firmware with the recent release. After that press Menu button and go to C4 – 22 to turn the LCD illumination off. This should fix the issue.

  33. misirian says:

    There is a problem with number of photos maked via pkt. After 9 body’s crashed, soft is death and only way to go forward is remove the battery. Whats the solution miszczu?

    • dkrasnok says:

      My K-5iis crashed until the blinking LCD light was turned off. To do that, press Menu button and go to C4 – 22. This should fix the issue. Also, have you updated firmware? There is a new version that came up couple of weeks ago on Pentax’s site for K-5’s.

  34. WAM1945 says:

    Hi, Just discovered this site and downloaded the PK Tether onto my laptop. I tested my K20 and K7 on the program and it works great… There is one thing that I am wondering, is there a way to use “Live View” through the PK Tether system so that as I’m shooting I can view what I am about to shoot on the laptop screen? I know a couple of studio photographers and when I brought this up to them they asked the same question. You stated on your post that if people had an idea that might improve the program to submit it… if currently there is no “Live View” option to see the view prior to shooting it, it is possible that the next update will have that option? Thank you for your follow-up.

  35. Mike says:

    Hi Tomasz:
    The software works a bit with my 645D … I can trigger a shot, even in interval mode, but can’t change any camera settings… Still quite impressive, as you are using a K-x for reference… I just wanted you to let you know that it works!
    I’m using Ubuntu Studio on an HP G6 and use both the 645D and a K-5 … The K-5 works perfectly.
    Small flaw with changing the focus points, but its nothing serious, it switches the point, but the following shot will use the old one. The second shot will use the new point… Its simply a nuisance, so don’t worry about it much, but its still a present bug you may want to check out.

    Thanks for the awesome software!
    – Mike Svitek; 35mm Studios

  36. closhlab says:

    Hi , thanks for this beutiful software.
    I was wondering. Is it possible to add a zoom in/out function on the image preview in the next version? that would be cool ūüôā

  37. Daves Photos says:

    Hi, Just downloaded the software for use on my Pentax K5, all seems to work fine with the capture process, only thing I notice is the Top green LCD flashes during use, but appears not to cause problems. Thanks for you efforts in providing Pentax owners with software that Pentax doesn’t offer! ūüôā

  38. sora4222 says:

    Hi, I just downloaded this for a Pentax K30. It works fine however when the shutter time is changed in application the time on the camera changes to 9999” and then will not allow you to change I have found that if you get the application to change it using the exposure bracketing option it will do it for you, and then if your lucky will allow you to change it yourself. Great application.

  39. astropierre says:

    Dear Tomasz,
    Purchased my k30 for astrophotography with no idea about DSLRs – I am so pleased with what you have achieved so far. Works fine in Manual mode, allowing full aperture control, provided I select shutter speed before connecting to computer. Allows me to check infinity focus at full resolution. If you scrap all the other buttons PK_Tether will still be a winner as a focus aid for astrophotography. Sure I “wish” the bulb setting worked for intervalometry in excess of 30 second exposures – but I’m using the GPS unit anyway – which would undoubtedly crash any code! ūüėČ Thank you, regards, Peter.

  40. Nikko62 says:

    Hi there Tomasz,

    I’m freshly new with PK_Tether and I would like to say thank you for programming it ^.^.

    However, I have one slight bug/annoyance. I also own a Pentax K-X (Firmware 1.03), but I have no preview image on the interface. From what I see, a few people also have this problem, is it something in the camera settings that needs to be changed?

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