New version 0.6.0

Finally I was able to prepare new official version. It is so many changes that it is hard to mention it all. Main changes:
– reworked User Interface โ€“ panels can be switch on/off
– reworked communication with camera
– added and fixed some functionalities
– added function for activating/deactivating debug mode in camera
It was tested by few people with different equipment and I received very good opinions, especially about stability. Some long term test was done on K20, K5 and K7 with more than 1000 photos in series for each – purpose was checking battery power consumption during tethering.

Of course I expect some errors, so I’m waiting for any information by email or as a comments.
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  1. dms says:

    Great job, Thomasz. ๐Ÿ™‚

    It would be great to have an opportunity to report bugs and propose features in separate tracker.

  2. Krg says:

    Tomasz, thank you for this new relrease.
    Everything seems to work fine with my K-7 (Win XP SP3 and Windows 7), except for the constant flashing of the top LCD.

    • Tomasz says:

      This is firmware behaviour and I’m not able to control it from PC software. To remove flashing you have to switch of “LCD illumination” in camera menu. I will probably add possibility to do this from PK_Tether

  3. gbansel says:

    As an amateur astrophotographer and a Pentax K7 owner I have been looking for software that will allow me to use the mirror-up facility in the K7 remotely for critical astro photos. TK_Tether is geat but does not yet implement this function, however I have discovered that TK_Tether can be used in conjunction with the K7’s remote control function (wired & wireless). Set the camera to mirror-up before connecting the USB cable and starting TK_Tether.

    Naturally, this will require two cables (if using the wired remote) from the camera to the remote location, but it should be possible to electrically operate the remote function to simulate the two or three remote button presses, i.e. 1. Focus, 2.Mirror-up, 3.Trip Shutter.

  4. BrBarrySDB says:

    gbansel – if you are looking for long exposure, try this (which I have)
    set the camera to Bulb mode and you get access to the bulb mode timer function in PK_Tether.
    enter your time and select timer, leave PK_Tether in single and shoot.
    I successfuly did a 1min shoot with no extra remotes. (not dropout after 30sec which normaly occure for me with an IR remote).

  5. BrBarrySDB says:

    Tomasz, well done, but….
    Having trouble with multiple highspeed shooting.
    if I set (either continous or single) and run a hight shutter speed and set the periodic shoot to 1sec x 10+ shoots. the camera (K-7) locks up after only a couple of shoots and locks up the USB. Camera has to be disconected and double on/off to reset and PK_Tether has to be restarted are get back to where I was, along the way (acouple of attempts that I did) I got Net framwork errors and USB errors/not found.
    I maybe lag in the process of command from my laptop, But I don’t want to try too much in fear of killing my camera.

    • Tomasz says:

      It is not possible to get what you want. All camera has internal buffers for photos – count of buffers depends on model in k-x is 7. If you make 7 shoots then you can’t make next without save or delete one of previous photos. So generaly in high shutter speed you can do only some numbers of photos. I will have to investigate why it hangs in that situation.
      Regarding periodic shooting, if you don’t select autosave than it is like above. If you select autosave, then after taking photo it is automatically download and save on PC and buffer in camera is released for next photos. But downloading photo to PC take some time – depends on resolution, format, quality, but I never get less than 1second. ( you can switch off downloading preview by menu for some speed-up).
      I assume that for periodic shooting minimal time between shoots should be 5 seconds

      • Blizzard says:

        Hi Tomasz.
        Is there any way to save the pictures to the SD-card? Because in this case the slow USB communication does not limit the minimal time between two shoots.

        • Tomasz says:

          Copied from my other comment answer:
          I already try to find out possibility for direct save to SD Card, but based on my knowledge it doesnโ€™t exist such command in firmware. In firmware are commands for dump some logs or some info hardware direct to SD Card, but not image.

  6. BrBarrySDB says:

    Tomasz, Hope you did’t mind, I’ve posted a short comment and review on

    Cheers mate, keep up the good work.

  7. smilenow says:


    great work!

    Comments (Win 7, K-5):
    1. Changing from manual ISO to Auto ISO works. Back doesnt. ๐Ÿ™
    2. Saving (autoasaving) in JPEG/2M/* results in damaged unusable files (works with ** or higher).

    1. Not possible to change remotely the Mode (Av vs. TV etc.), right?
    2. Not possible to start debug mode on K-5, correct?
    3. Not possible to change light metering or AF mode?

    • Tomasz says:

      About comments:
      1. I will look into problem, it was reported also by other people
      2. I’m focused on highest resolution and quality photos, I know that are problems with lower values of these and i can’t fix it. For example in my k-x I try to save 6M pixels photo but it is save as 12M with lower quality. In older models (which have official support from Pentax) it works ok. With K5 and k-r with high ISO is problem with green stripes on photo (in my k-x it isn’t) and I also don’t know solution.
      Answer on questions:
      1. No – in K5 you can change mode when on camera wheel you set User mode.
      2. No – you can activate debug mode in any camera – tested with k-x, K5, K7, K20
      3. Yes – you can’t change these settings

  8. seisei says:

    Thank you for this new relrease.
    I can’t use New version 0.6.0 in my ASUS EEE 701(WinXP sp3).
    But I can used version 0.4.5.

    • Tomasz says:

      I earlier received the same info from some guys and yesterday I noticed that in project preferences I have set “.NET 3.5 Client Profile” not “.NET 3.5”. I informed one guy and he installed “.NET 3.5 Client Profile” on Windows and version 0.6.0 started working. So you can also try install “.NET 3.5 Client Profile” or wait some time – today or tomorrow I will release new version compiled with “.NET 3.5” and with fixed bug for change iso from Auto to Manual

  9. Stan says:

    I love the new software with one exception, I would like to see a countdown timer incorporated in somewhere. I am trying to get into astrophotography with my Kx and would love to know how much time has lapsed in a long exposure picture.

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