New version 0.6.1

I released new version with two fixes.
Firs fix is for problem when PK_Tether doesn’t want starts. During last update of my development environment target for PK_Tether project was changed to “.NET 3.5 Client Profile”. So now I revert it back to normal “.NET 3.5”
Second fix is for changing ISO from Auto to Manual.

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9 Responses to New version 0.6.1

  1. dunreid says:

    Hi, looks like your software is just what Pentax users are looking for. I have tried to open it but just get a message ‘encountered
    a problem, needs to shut down’ Using windows XP, any ideas ?

  2. BrBarrySDB says:

    Tomasz, can you add to the user last saved setting the JPEG quality. every time PK is started up it reset back to 3 stars, where I would like to (permanently) set it to 4 stars.

  3. Leo says:

    Thank you for this soft.
    I can hardly wait for Android version.

  4. amplexis says:

    hello, PK_Tether is not working for me. no communication with camera, error message “Access to the path “CWindowssystem32settings.cfg” is denied
    i am using Windows7 64pro
    i am very excited to get this working, thanks for your posting the software

  5. Bron says:

    Changing “photo saving setting” is crashing the program. Same for 0.6.0, 0.6.1. Win 7 x64

  6. MikeC says:

    Hi, just updated to the latest version and it doesn’t start – I get error ” Pentax_Remote has encountered a problem and needs to close”. running Win XP.
    v 0.4.5 works fine on my machine. Cheers Mike

  7. blitzkneisser says:

    Splendid software, I’m using it unter Windows XP and Windows 7/64 without any Windows-related Problems so far. My DLSR is a Pentax k-r.
    I have one software problem though… I especially like to use the program for macro photography with a retro adapter, where I’m often using the Live View feature for proper focussing.
    When I forget to switch off Live View and klick the shutter-button in the program, the display goes black and my camera hangs, I have to remove and re-insert the battery to get it responding again. Maybe you could add some feature to switch off Live View when klicking the shutter button … or something like this…
    Huge thx for your effort!

  8. jaq1967 says:

    Hi Tomasz,

    Just to let you know I tried the update following the problem I was having in ‘Bulb’ mode not working. You seemed to have fixed the problem from the looks of it – although the images still say something other than the 60s exposure I took. All that said it all works in the test run and I can’t wait for my 1st proper test – once the weather clears up. All I need now is somehow to get LiveView on my PC screen so I can then use my Auto-Focusing software on my Telescope to fine-tune the image on the screen. Any idea if this will ever be possible? thanks again…

  9. Chex says:

    Just think, if you work out the bugs and get this ported to a few other platforms, you should be able to sell it to Pentax since their too damn lazy to do it themselves! Love the software, unfortunately loosing my laptop.. so I’m eagerly awaiting the Android port when you get to it (fingers crossed).

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