New version 0.6.4

Version 0.6.3 from yesterday didn’t work at all, because of my mistake in releasing process. Version 0.6.4 fix this problem.

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  1. BrBarrySDB says:

    posted on work version???
    Version 0.6.4 Crashes on open (windows 7 32bit)

    • BrBarrySDB says:

      –more info–
      Dosen’t crash un-tethered
      crashes tethered to K-7

    • BrBarrySDB says:

      Extract from Windows 7 dialogue box crash, if this is any help

      Problem Event Name: CLR20r3
      Problem Signature 01: pk_tether.exe
      Problem Signature 02: 1.0.4430.32750
      Problem Signature 03: 4f3e985c
      Problem Signature 04: PK_Tether
      Problem Signature 05: 1.0.4430.32750
      Problem Signature 06: 4f3e985c
      Problem Signature 07: 77
      Problem Signature 08: 1
      Problem Signature 09: System.NullReferenceException
      OS Version: 6.1.7601.
      Locale ID: 3081

  2. wisecrafter says:

    Hi Tomasz,
    Thanks for the program! I used it on my K-x, and all seemed to work well. The debug mode worked after I clicked Debug ON, and then INFO button, then the MENU button.

  3. Travellingman says:

    Hi Tomasz
    Thanks for a great piece of software. Works fine with my K200 as long as I only have up to two pictures in the buffer, which is ok. Hope to use it with my astro-telescope to improve focussing etc.
    Best wishes

  4. cola says:

    Do you know that latest firmware ( K-r 1.12 ) disables your “debug button” function ?

  5. Stan says:

    Are there any plans to put a count down timer in anywhere? When doing astro stuff, it would be good to see the time count down.

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