New version 0.6.5

Changes in new version:
– fix problem with K7
– added countdown timer for periodic shooting and “Bulb” mode

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3 Responses to New version 0.6.5

  1. lavergne says:

    software runs ok with windows 7
    but doesn’t run with vista (blank windows and ‘Pentax remote a cessé de fonctionner’
    problem description : stopped working) …

  2. Nival says:

    Thanks a lot for your work, it’s a very very promising project!
    Already work fine for many use, but I have encountered some problems with the buffer management, indeed the “autosave” option (which is a very good idea) seems to not clear it as quick as the saving to the SD-card made by the K-5, so I could quickly reach the buffer limit using bracketing + periodic shooting… (ok, a bit extrem use… :P) Is it possible to add an option to conserve the buffer clearing to the memory-card instead of to the computer? Another issue (probably easier to fix! 😉 ) is that during the time the pictures are saved to the HDD, the controls are non-functional, and it’s not possible to shoot (in fact when I try to shoot meantime, all the unsuccessful attempts are repeated after the saving is complete).
    Thanks a lot again for your work!!

  3. Krg says:

    Pk-Tether does not recognize the K-5 IIs ! (Windows 7).

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