New version 0.7.0

I released new version of PK_Tether – changes in this version:
– added support of new models K5II and K5IIs – K30 isn’t supported – probably Pentax made big change in camera firmware and PK_Tether isn’t able to communicate with camera
– added language support – thanks to all translators – not all language working :(; some translation must be done yet, waiting for volunteers
– added histogram
– added possibility to trigger shutter by pressing “Space” button
– bug fixing
– some changes which I event don’t remember
I didn’t want to release software in that stage, because it isn’t tested enough, but I received so many request for support new K5II models, that I decided to do that.

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  1. Krg says:

    Tomaz big thank you for this new update


  2. chiane says:

    Is there any chance of adding the k-01 to the list? With the new low price, they are selling a lot of them now.

    • Tomasz says:

      I spent a lot of time trying to add K01 support, but only with partial success – I got communication but wasn’t able to download photo. Maybe I will try again, but not in near future.

      • cainmh says:

        I like PK teather and use it with my KX. I also would like to see it work with the K-01. It is hard to not use live view with that camera. I did donate and would like to see the software work with the K-01.

        Mike Cain

    • pleecan says:

      Would definately love to see an interface for Pentax K-01 just bought 4 of them in the past month…. as the price have dropped…. good value.

  3. lauref says:

    Thank tou Tomaz fot this new release (I’ve made a donation).

    Could you give some indications on how to use the debug mode ?

    Thank’s a lot.

  4. Jens says:

    I too was wondering about the debug mode. Well I guess I dont need to know… 🙂

    Jens Bladt

  5. Jens says:

    I cant run PK Tether on my HP Mini. I get this error message:
    (se description below the image)

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  6. Toastbrotfan says:

    After a long time of googleing i found your very nice project and i relly liked it.
    But my problem is, i’ve got a K-30.
    Could you please looke a little after the K-30 support?
    I would really appreciate it, otherwise i will not be able to use your software, which is kind of sad 😉


  7. Toastbrotfan says:

    Thank you for your Tip!
    With the latest firmware update for my K-30 it works!

    Great job, keep it up 🙂


  8. MobileNeophyte says:

    Just stumbled into this page, and I can happily say that my K-30 works..sorta.
    The only feature it doesn’t seem to like would be changing the shutter speed, it says 9999″ on the camera while holding the aperture open for about 15″. Haven’t really gotten into it just yet but I love the software all the same, Thank you!!

    • kleijn says:

      I don’t have the k30 yet but i wonder
      You can make about 500 photo’s and than is the battery empty?
      What about 9999? Or is there a extern power conector?


      • Nils says:

        I have the same problem, you can basically do everything except changing the shutter speed, which is set to 9999sec, displayed by both camera and software on pc. it also says you could take 9999 pictures which would make sence if you safe to a pc. with that corrected it would be awesome, btw the auto exposure mode works kinda, meaning that the shutter speed is around 15 sec as MobileNeophyte already described 🙂

  9. spiderman says:

    I am a programmer too. I can do Chinese Traditional translation for the software…just let me know how…

  10. bjorsa says:

    The program works well with my windows 7 64 bit and k10d but not with k7 .
    And I wonder if it that a few weeks ago my computer stoped to automatik import pictures from k7 and canon 50 d but still do it for pentax q and k10d and pentax k7 and canon 50d is now mobile device in the computer and k10d and pentax q is mass-storage device anyone know how to get k7 to work with this program ?
    Kindly bjorsa

  11. mike.esmith1 says:

    would like info on wheather or not there will be a version on the pentax k-3
    many thanks mike

  12. zetef says:

    What about K-3 version?
    Can you explain me what is the ‘debug mode’ ? What are advanateges of using this mode?
    PK_Thether is a great job.

  13. Dirk says:

    Although I understand that 0.7.0 should work with the K5IIs, it does not work for me. My firmware is 1.06 and I run pk tether with windows 8.1.
    If I connect the camera via USB the LCD is flickering and the camera is shuttering permanently.
    Does anybody share my experience?

  14. bjorsa says:

    Is there anyway to get longer exposures without using bulb ?
    I want to have up to 3 min and still to use periodic shot so that I can take astrophotos
    Kindly bjorsa

  15. 0xFF says:

    Witam, dzisiaj trafiłem na tę stronę. Gratuluję dobrego softu.
    Nie spodziewałem się, że zadziała z K200D 😉

    Czy istnieje możliwość wysłania polecenia wyłączenia podświetlenia wyświetlacza LCD po połączeniu z K5 ?


  16. Michael Carlisle says:

    As I have seen mentioned here quite a few times the K-01 is now a very good value. I am a videographer who has purchased several of these cameras myself for time-lapse videos. I really need to be able to change settings during timelapse sequences without disturbing the camera. Especially when trying to capture “holy Grail” sequences from night to day or day to night. Just wanted to thow in my two cents worth on this because it would be of great value to me to be able to control setting during time-lapses with the Pentax K-01. As soon as this camera is supported I will gladly donate and download the software.

    Thank you!

  17. Pkaye2004 says:

    Great work on your software that is addressing a significant shotcoming by Pentax/Ricoh.

    I would think there is a growing population of people owning the top-end Pentax K3 who like me would love to tether for studio work.

    I recieved a private message via another forum where that person said you had developed a PK_Tether solution for the K3. Having seen no released version on your website, can you advise if there is a K3 solution in the pipeline and if so what time frame might you be looking at?

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