Plans for future

Mac version – driver for camera still is not working. It is very hard for me to develop this software when I have to count on help from colleague – I don’t have Mac hardware. When it works I will release completely new version of PK_Tether based on Qt library for user interface.
Pentax Q – I’m working on getting to work PK_Tether with Pentax Q – so far without succes.
Android version – recently I bought Galaxy Nexus – so now I started some work on usb host software to connect Pentax camera to Android device.
Wireless version – I’m waiting for “Raspberry Pi” hardware availability, then I will try to make software which use this hardware to wireless control.

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6 Responses to Plans for future

  1. Henrich says:

    Hallo Thomasz,

    thank you for your great work!
    Androidsupport with usb host would be verry great. I use the Galaxy S II and sometimes i thought that would be comfortable to shoot with a phone and leave a (heavy) notebook at home 🙂
    good plan
    Tanks, Henrich

  2. racenviper says:

    I’m excited about the Android support also, I have a Thrive and USB support would be useful. Bulb Ramping would b a nice touch.

  3. Chex says:

    I just picked up a Galaxy Note.. SOO excited your working on an Android port!

  4. rontz says:

    Hi Tomasz,

    I’m excited to hear/read that you’re working on a Mac-version of pk_tether.
    If you need an alpha-/beta-tester, just send me a note. (iMac + K10D + K5)
    It would be awesome if “we” could subscribe somewhere to be noticed when a new version/port is released:)

    Thanks and keep up the great work! 🙂

  5. mgerdanc says:

    REALLY NEEDING THIS. I would love to have this ability. I don’t own a windows machine so this is much needed. I would beta test for you if needed.

  6. fe2h2o says:

    I was just wondering if you’ve made any progress with the Mac version? I’m looking for a solution to let me take photos on Christmas morning, and PK_Tether looks like the best solution… except that we have no PCs.

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