Please don’t use PK_Tether in film and LiveView mode – could leads to freeze camera and program.

If top display is blinking then switch off illumination in camera menu – for K7 and K5.

Flash card has to be inserted in camera to correct detection by PK_Tether

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  1. sharongreenaway says:

    Hi there
    I tried using pk tether with my k5 and it worked until i wanted to check my photos under current photo and when I tried viewing more I got an error message.
    I have got a screen grab for you, but not sure how to send it to you here.

  2. sharongreenaway says:

    Actually I think I have worked out what went wrong!
    Thanks so much for this software!

  3. wolframklein says:

    I’ve just downloaded the latest version downloaded. (WIN XP SP2)
    When I started the program only for max. one second and then is gone again.
    The old version 4.6 works …..
    Does anyone know the problem, and especially his solution?

  4. gallileo_931 says:

    Hi all

    PK tether is a very usefull tool wich works every time i connect my K20 to my Win 7 32 bit laptop. There is a little bug i would like to discuss. I need to use the extended shooting feature with the bulb mode activated to record for example 5 frames with 2 mn for each frame but it seams unable to capture more than 1 frame at a time.

    Thanks a lot for this sofware

    • andmon says:

      I have a k20d, The program wont work when I start the aplication, How do I set the camera ta ptp mode?
      When I connect the camera it show “connected to pc” in the camera display

  5. crywolsh says:

    Very good program , use it with windows 7 x64 an pentax k5 … Works very well , congratulation , tethering for me is very important beacuse i’m astroimager..
    In next relase if possibile , you can add liveview mode with pc monitor for perfect focus..

    Congratulation again..

    • cola says:

      I am using the 0.61 version with K-r (FW 1.11) under MS VISTA 32Bit Ultimate and everything works.
      Liveview Screen would be fantastic for future version.

      Great work !

  6. cola says:

    Everything works – not everything – SAVE ALL don´t save the images to SD Card 🙁

  7. cola says:

    OK, files are saved on PC only – thats ok.

  8. crywolsh says:

    Yeah , Livescreen focus with monitor pc in future would be fantastic for astroimager 😉

  9. wisecrafter says:

    Yeah ,I would like that also! Livescreen focus with monitor pc in future would be fantastic for astroimager

  10. slavcok says:

    Hello Tomasz,
    At first I will say thanks you for this program.
    Too bad the program does not support Linux (Ubuntu).

  11. Herman says:

    Hello, Tomasz.
    I am not very good at electronics. Just like to know if wireless DSLR (K5) control is possible with your program. Can you give me some highlight in how to set up a wireless control? MAY BE A PART LIST !!


  12. PentaxDim says:

    Hello Tomasz,
    First of all a GREAT BIG THANK YOU for this software. I just recently found it via photo forums. It worked perfectly right away (after I put a memory card into the camera :)). I tested it with K5 and K10D and it worked flawlessly with both. New users need to be aware that if you want to have full control of the camera settings from the computer – you need to set the camera mode dial to Manual. Otherwise only portions of settings are available (just like what’s available for in-camera control). I tried various shooting option – from computer, from camera, remote release. All work with this software. The best part is that you can make all adjustments to the settings on screen. I also love the full screen preview option.
    Great job. Than you again.

    • Tomasz says:

      In my opinion the best settings on camera is USER mode. It allows you to choose shooting mode from PC and according that mode appropriate values could be changed from PC.

  13. d0ngjones says:


    I cannot connect my k-r now, before when i’m using ver 0.4.5 its ok,

    but now – different pc (win7), ver 0.7.5 – cannot detect my k-r.

    any idea? Thanks

  14. joltar says:

    Thanks for your efforts. I’m trying it out with my 645D. Just downloaded the latest revision. Previous one worked perfectly.

  15. RichardE says:

    Mac version was mentioned. iPAD 3 uses IOS6. Will the software be available for the iPAD?

    Thanks for a great program interface for my Pentax. But neither User or Manual mode is recognized by the program. The computer (win7) does see the camera SD card data. What do I need to do to get the program to see the K-5 IIs?
    Thanks, Richard

  16. RichardE says:

    usb connection from msc to ptp. Just changes the computer to see the SD card as a drive. Still no connection to PKTether

  17. krlottin says:

    Using PK_Tether_0_7_0 with Pentax K-r. The program and camera have reconized each other and interact but there is no preview. Any suggestions???

    • Pentaxuser says:

      I have the same problem with both my Pentax K-r and my Pentax K-5 II. Otherwise everything works fine and I get no error messages. I save the files to my HP Mini netbook with no problems.

  18. RICOREGON says:

    Thanks for the program. Works well on my K5. Used it for a recent boudoir shoot and the lady subject was very appreciative of being able to view a series shots quickly. Well worth the donation.

  19. purplephoto says:

    Hope you can help.

    I have used PK_T successfully before with my K20 on my previous laptop which ran Win XP. It is a great piece of software. I am now running Win 7 and have downloaded and installed the latest version of PK_T but when I connect the camera and then load PK_T all of the buttons on PK_T are greyed out and on the LCD display on the top of the camera on the bottom right is Pb.

    Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

    Thank you.

  20. purplephoto says:

    Got a reply from Tomasz. Thank you so much. Any body else having the same problem with the K20D check:

    1. That the USB connection is set to PC. This is found under Set Up and is on the second screen.

    2. That you have .NET Framework installed.

    Thanks Tomasz

  21. Les M says:

    Have just installed V7 on Windows 8 64 bit and works just fine with K5

  22. Jammy Xu says:

    Why I can’t access my K-5? I use USB in PTP mode.

  23. Mojo1234 says:

    Just a big thankyou for making this program available & free. I just installed it on a Win 7 Ultimate 64bit and it worked perfectly on my K-r Ver 1.13 So Far So Good..

  24. GregGilbertson says:

    Windows 7 and Pentax K20D. I have a location selected to save in My Photos but I also get a copy of each photo and an image of each histogram on the desktop. I have to clean up the desktop when I use PK_Tether. Any fix? Thanks

  25. mxa says:

    Very useful software! You may ad the D645 Model to the supported devices list. The only bug is that the camera only goes up to ISO 1000, the software shows a higher ISO, which the camera can’t do.

  26. cainmh says:

    These are some astroimages that I took using PK teather with a Pentax K-X.

  27. Tim_Aber says:

    Thanks for this very useful software. I came across it when I was looking for a way to extend the auto-focus adjustment on my K5. I read a comment somewhere that said you could use PKtether in “debug” mode to make larger adjustments to the AF correction. SO far I haven’t been able to enter debug mode. Any advice please?

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