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  1. Ironwolf says:

    When well the new vession be available for download?

  2. digimonster says:

    When will support the 645d??This software is very important.THX

    • Tomasz says:

      I can add support only in close cooperation with owner of 645D (I have only k-x). So if you have 645D and not afraid to be alfa tester then contact me via e-mail.

  3. digimonster says:

    I will continue to pay attention to and support you

  4. PG says:

    Are there any plans on open sourcing this program? Maybe hosting it on something like Google Code so that the wider community can participate?

    • rocher says:

      I agree with you: I’d love to see an open, GPL’d project on pk_tether. I could contribute porting it to Linux (sound background programming with Linux, C/C++ and several GUIs: Qt, fltk ..).

      Tomasz, please consider to open and share the source code.

  5. Lurch says:

    Any chance this could be compiled for Mac?


    • Tomasz says:

      This software – it is not possible.
      But I’m working on port it to C++ and Qt – will work in Windows Mac and Linux.
      I don’t know when it will be finished – expect more time for it on autumn and winter, not earlier.

  6. peter says:

    Hello Tomasz, i wanted to ask what about the portation for the mac version?
    will this be availible soon? would be really great!


  7. Hawki says:

    Hi Tomasz, I just wanted to say thank you for all of your efforts. I have a K20d and so far PK-Tether has worked just great.
    What you should do is port PK-Teather for IOS, create an iPad app and cash in properly for all of your efforts. I for one would jump at an app that actually supported Pentax users for once.
    In any case, you have really done a wonderful job on this product and next payday, I’ll gladly make a little donation to show my appreciation.
    Cheers and have a wonderful New Year.

  8. hnikesch says:

    Your software saved me on my Km, I was thinking my lenses that just couldn’t get a correct focus but after using debug mode and adjusting the Km it’s a new camera. I just got a new Q and tried to connect it but no joy, have you thought about the Q



  9. michaelkeating says:

    What’s the progress on a mac version?

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